Restoration & Conservation

From cleaning to complete restoration, we believe in preserving art objects by using the least invasive treatments possible. In our facilities we perform conservation and restoration of paintings, sculpture, works on paper, frames, artifacts, memorabilia, photographs and other forms of fine art. A common misconception concerning work performed at an art preservation facility is that an object or piece of artwork must have significant market value to qualify for professional care. While many of our clients have high-end pieces, our conservators also specialize in treating antiques and heirlooms that have sentimental value and meaning to individuals. Whether a work of art is of great monetary value, historic significance, or sentimental value, it is worthy of consideration in preserving for the future.



APS provides restoration services for all types of paintings, new and old. Damage can occur from a variety of sources, and the materials used are vulnerable to age and environmental conditions. Our objective is to always respect the original intent of the artist. Treatment options include: cleaning layers of grime and dust, stabilizing paint loss and flaking, mending tears, removing discolored varnish, and reversing degradation of previous restorations. At times, treating the support of the structure of a painting can be as important as treating the visible surface. Our thorough care for your work of art will ensure its preservation for years to come.

Sculpture & Objects & Artifacts


We treat sculptures and objects from a variety of materials including stone, ivory, wood, ceramic, glass, and metal. Treatments range from surface cleaning to total reconstruction of shattered ceramics. Given the wide assortment of sculptural objects, there are endless possible diagnoses and treatment options. We approach each piece individually for optimal restoration outcomes. Our conservators possess a broad knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques in order to maintain the object’s integrity.

Frame Restoration

Frame Restoration

A frame is an integral part of experiencing a work of art, and acts as an extension of the piece. Often ignored as an essential piece of art itself, frames can succumb to heavy wear and tear over the ages. Our frame restoration services include thorough cleaning, stabilization of loose pieces, re-molding and shaping of missing elements, and matching the original patina of the frame with like materials. Our goal is to always maintain the historical integrity of the frame, while preventing it from further decay.



We offer a comprehensive approach to paper restoration. The age, type of paper, media, scale, and previous repairs are just a few considerations for each treatment's approach. Many of these aspects are easily affected by a variety of environmental, housing, and age-related factors. We emphasize non-invasive procedures that are delicately balanced with aesthetics and conservation.



Unlike most fine art objects, textiles exhibit deterioration due to their utilitarian use. Most degradation is the result of age, causing fading, discoloration, splits, and loss of material. We ensure stabilization is achieved before moving work forward on any given piece. Our conservators offer options for the treatment and preservation of your textile, along with advice on proper handling, storage, and care. Each work is treated with established methods and materials used throughout the field.

Chandeliers & Light fixtures


APS specializes in chandelier restoration and cleaning services for fine crystal and antique fixtures. We carefully pack and custom crate all parts for safe transportation to our facility, where our team of conservators will address proper cleaning, while preserving the integrity of the piece. Each individual crystal is removed and catalogued for optimal cleaning and is hand polished. Our services also include sourcing replacement pieces as needed. When complete removal is not necessary, on site cleaning services are available.

Digital Restoration


Our digital restoration department specializes in the reproduction of photographs, documents and books. Manipulating a digital copy of a badly damaged photograph or document will bring back the appearance of the original image. Items are scanned in high resolution and reproduced in precise detail with archival paper and ink to match the original piece. Fragile sentimental documents can be duplicated so they may be handled or displayed.