Art Preservation Services Michigan has been dedicated to the preservation and restoration of works of art for over 30 years. Founded by Mark Doren in 1986, APS continues the tradition of excellence, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for the arts. We rigorously apply the best practices to assure the greatest standard of care when preserving and handling artworks. Our belief is that restoration should be noninvasive and fully reversible, and we will design a customized plan to fit the specific needs of your artwork.

APS offers a wide range of services including emergency response handlers, condition reporting, restoration, appraisals, custom framing, transportation and shipping. We operate within a climate controlled, art-dedicated facility where vaulted storage is available. Our conservators are expertly trained in the treatment of paintings, works on paper, photographs, textiles, murals, antique and fine furniture, rare books, frames, objects, and sculpture.  We specialize in 24-hour disaster recovery due to flood, fire, or natural disaster.

Whether ancient, contemporary, or any time in between, there are countless types of artwork of all styles and ages that challenge conservators. Every piece of artwork has its own nuances and characteristics that are the result of the artist’s technique, the material used, and the conditions the artwork experiences over the years. From cleaning to complete restoration, our attention to detail and quality is unsurpassed. Whether a work of art is of great monetary value, historic significance, or sentimental value, it is worthy of consideration in preserving for the future.

About Art Preservation Services