Disaster Recovery

Our art restoration experts and conservators are available 24 hours to be on the scene quickly, to analyze the extent of the damage and to develop the appropriate treatment plan. We will respond quickly to diffuse the situation, provide a site assessment, and stabilize objects. Whether the threat is water or fire, time is the greatest obstacle, and a detailed emergency response plan will prevent further damage to your most important possessions. While it is important to act immediately, the handling of artworks exposed to smoke and/or water should involve no more than what is necessary, as dirt and soot can become embedded in the fibers and surfaces. We use extreme care and minimally invasive procedures to protect your artwork from further deterioration. The APS team will photo document the site to provide detailed inventory of all objects removed.

At APS, our experts’ primary objective is to return your artwork back to pre-loss condition. Our team of professionals can perform museum-quality restoration of paintings, prints, sculpture and sentimental items, as well remove any residual smoke odor. APS specializes in working with insurance adjusters and homeowners to assess and restore fine art and collectibles after a fire, water loss, or other accidental damage.

Our team has decades of experience handling residential and commercial claims of all sizes, we work directly with your insurance adjustor to submit all the proper documentation for your claim. Upon approval, we will provide you with museum-quality restoration services, and keep you informed through each step of the art conservation process. From pack out to installation your art objects will receive the best possible care.

We provide location project management, photography documentation of impacted collections, packing for wet and damaged pieces, expedited removal of at-risk objects, value of total loss, and coordination with insurance adjusters to submit restoration proposals.